What is FLIR?

FLIR is an infrared camera that gauges the temperature of your electrical equipment. Temperature of electrical equipment cannot be measured with the naked eye. These temperatures are recorded and analyzed by a technician to find any potential electrical risks and reported back to you with any recommendations. This service can be a one-time, yearly or bi-yearly service in order to reduce any downtime for your company. Additionally, we can predict your electrical status. We offer piece-of-mind for the future of your business.

Keep in Mind

One of the risks of not having this service performed is having production down time. This downtime can be the result of a lack of Preventative Maintenance. As a result of preventing a production down time, your business will continue to flourish the way you want it to.

Your Insurance Company may issue a discount for taking the Preventative Measure. We recommend that you contact your Insurance Company to see if you qualify.

Overall Electrical Security

As part of the FLIR Preventative Maintenanc program, we produce an analysis report. This report details potential risk to your electrical equipment due to heat, allowing you to make informed maintenance repairs.

With a business that has been around since 1988, Scotvale Electric can provide future electrical services to your facility that you can trust with annual or bi-annual contractual surveys.